Polar profiles


We started with  mental image of the arctic trapping at Svalbard as stereotype and only for men. After a while we had a performance presenting very different characters, mostly women.

All of them  had their owm reason for going there; one to hunt, one together with her husband and one to work as a pilot. The stories of these different personalities is an artic treasury for theatre! Welcome to a humorous performance!

In Polarias cinema the performance finishes with the spectacular movie «Svalbard – Arctic Wilderness», made by Ivo Caprino.


In cooperation with:


We thank

  • Maja Bohne Johnsen and Pernille Dahl Johnsen, who has contribute to develop the performance
  • Aud Kirsti Pedersen for her great knowledge on dialects, and that she so willingly share her lingual advices with us.


In the production we have especially utilized:

  • «Svalbard´s daughters, by Ingrid Urberg
  • «Perfume and motor oil», by Ingrid Pedersen
  • «A woman in the polar night», by Christiane Ritter
  • «First female trapper at Svalbard», by Wanny Woldstad.


When can I see it:

It is performed at request

Where can I see it:

In the cinema at Polaria
We also have a tour version

Folk sier ...

- The group was very satisfied with the arrangement at Polaria yesterday. Since we are working with the cooperation in the Barents region, your play worked perfectly.
Vidar torheim Isaksen, Tromsø Event AS


Klaus Løkholm Bergli

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Jeg jobber for at møtet mellom publikum, skuespilleren og historiene skal være så nært og enkelt som mulig.

Nina Rosenlund

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Jeg liker veldig godt å skape klassiske karakterer og dramaturgi, som jeg framfører på utradisjonelle steder.