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Theatre Walk

A Polar pioneer’s tale

Theatre walk in the centre of Tromsø. The local polar pioneer Wanny Woldstad, takes you through it; «In the 20’s the Arctic hunt was the Klondyke of the North. Just at that time I moved to Tromsø to build my future as a housewife. But then life made a different turn … »

Polar profiles

A humorous performance with real experiences from the arctic trapping at Svalbard. Here you meet a typical married couple in the hunting lodge, Wanny Woldstad, Ingrid Pedersen and many more. 45 minutes.

Our synthetic world

Meet the successfull chemist Johanne Ebelsrud. She creates a new substance to make cellular phones fire proof. She reduces the risk of fire and makes the world a better place, but then the substance shows up in the Arctic. It continues to look for something it can bind to. And Ebelsrud goes looking for it. 30 minutes.