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Theatre Walk

Terje Vigen

Experience Tromsø town on metrical feet
«There lived a remarkably grizzled man on the uttermost, barren isle»

The Theatre Walk can be played at request.

A Polar pioneer’s tale

Theatre walk in the centre of Tromsø. The local polar pioneer Wanny Woldstad, takes you through it; «In the 20’s the Arctic hunt was the Klondyke of the North.

The Theatre Walk can be played at request.

Polar profiles

Polare profiles – a cheerful play about people who travelled to Svalbard! The Arctic Hunt brought many people from Tromsø to this special place, let us bring you along!

The Theatre Walk can be played at request.

Gittas ways

Meet a female leader, and those who were with her and against her! Gitta Jønsson was an advocate for better conditions at a time when welfare was something one could only dream of. And fight for..

The Theatre Walk can be played at request

Our synthetic world

Meet the successfull chemist Johanne Ebelsrud. She creates a new substance to make cellular phones fire proof. She reduces the risk of fire and makes the world a better place, but then the substance shows up in the Arctic. It continues to look for something it can bind to. And Ebelsrud goes looking for it. 30 minutes.